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How to submit your college store order

(1) Quote Only

Receive a price quote for items you are interested in purchasing.

(2) Blanket Purchase Order

You can submit your order online using a purchase order on file with the college store. User must be an authorized signer on purchase order.

(3) Online College Store Order

How your electronic submission works

Step (1) The Requestor creates the order online which requires the name and email of the Area Manager and Program Coordinator (if applicable).

Step (2) The Area Manager will receive an email that includes a link to approve the order.

Step (3) If the order is charged to categorical funding (fund 12), the Program Coordinator will then receive an email with a link for approval.

Step (4) Once all approvals are complete, the order goes straight to the College Store and is processed! The Store will not receive or have access to the order until ALL steps above are completed.

What you can purchase

The American River College Store may be used to purchase a wide variety of office supplies and paper. However, the following items may not be purchased through this procedure:

  • Equipment and furniture with an item cost of $5,000 or more (including tax)
  • Food, decorations, gifts, and awards
  • Items used for personal consumption

NOTE: Textbooks, calculators, and other supplies purchased for students must be allowable by the Fund 12 budget being used (MESA, EOPS, etc.).

Purchases charged to Categorical Programs, Grants or Special Projects must be approved by the Program Director/Coordinator.

Manager authorization must be obtained in advance of any purchase. Unauthorized purchases are considered the obligation of the person making the purchase and not the obligation of the district.

These procedures are in place to ensure division/unit OCBs are being accurately and appropriately charged. The division dean/director or manager is responsible for this authorization.

Purchases from the American River College Store will be posted weekly by the Business Office to the budget number indicated on the order form. No other paperwork is required.

Any returns must be made within 30 days of receipt of merchandise in order for the American River College Store to be able to issue credit. Any restocking fees and shipping charges involved with returning merchandise to the original vendor/manufacturer will be passed on to the department.

Budget check

The American River College Store order requests are checked for sufficient budget prior to being processed. Please verify sufficient budget for your orders using the Peoplesoft Financial Information website. If additional budget is required for your purchase, please submit a budget entry before sending your order to the bookstore. The cutoff for departmental orders through the American River College Store for each fiscal year is June 15th.

For questions on departmental orders, please contact the bookstore at (916) 484-8841 or contact e-mail.

Faculty Focus

Help us keep textbooks prices low! Please encourage your students to sell their books back to the ARC College Store!

Submit Your Textbook  Adoption

Faculty Adpotions

Required Merchandise

The college store works with a multitude of vendors on a daily basis that allows us to stock thousands of school supplies at competitive prices for American River College students. You can email your syllabus here or add any required merchandise to your textbook adoption and we will work with you to offer your students the materials needed to help them succeed!

Faculty Authors

The American River College Store is proud to offer a selection of books authored by our very own ARC faculty and staff. Our multi-talented and diverse campus community has produced texts on a wide range of subjects including engaging fiction titles, local biographies, social commentaries, studies in ancient history and many more.

If you are a faculty or a staff member at American River College and you have created a written work, the college store would like to add your title to our selection. Please contact us at (916) 484-8841 or email us here about selling your title in the college store. (Unpublished and out of print titles can be offered through a consignment agreement.)

Bookstore Office

Phone: (916) 484-8111
Fax: (916) 488-6115

Director: Koue Vang

  Office Hours Icon

Monday - Thursday: 7:45 am - 7:00 pm
Friday: 7:45 am - 3:45 pm

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Office Location:  The ARC College Store is located on the north side of the American River College campus. 
The closest parking lot to the bookstore is lot "B" off of Myrtle Avenue. We are located behind the Student Center. 

Departmental Supply Orders

The ARC College Store uses a multitude of vendors when fulfilling orders from departments. When shopping for supplies for your office you can browse the online bookstore catalog below. (Note: The price you see in our catalog is not necessarily the final price you will pay. We offer aggressive discounts to the ARC community. Prices can be obtained in advance through our quote system below.) If you are looking for something specific that you can not find in our catalog please contact us here.

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