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Contracts & Agreements

District employees should never, under any circumstances, accept or sign a contract. The authority to sign contracts is limited to those included in the Authorized Signers List. See Administrative Regulation R-8315 for more information.

If a contractor or consultant begins work before a fully executed contract is in place, the District risks significant liability. Therefore, never, under any circumstances, should work for the District begin before a fully-executed contract is in place.

Contract Approval and Routing Form Procedures

All contracts, agreements and amendments that require a cash outflow or zero dollar must be routed using the Contract Approval Sheet and Routing Form UNLESS it qualifies as a Service Agreement ($15k, 1 year, not complex – see below for additional explanation). Refer to the “Contracts/Agreement Types” below for the major types that are included and excluded from this procedure.

  1. Before routing the Contract Approval Sheet and Routing Form, the Requestor completes the following:
    • Ensure the vendor completes a Vendor Application (new vendors only) see Instructions New Vendor Packet. This should be submitted with the online requisition.
    • Prepare the requisition (submitted online in PeopleSoft.) The purchase order will not be signed until the contract is fully executed. 
  1. Requestor completes and saves the Contract Approval Sheet and Routing Form before attaching it to an email. 
  1. Requestor also ATTACHES to the email the following supporting documents:
    • Scope of Work (refer to page 48 in the Purchasing Handbook for the Scope of work general guidelines). At a minimum, ensure the Scope of Work contains the necessary information to complete the attached Professional Services Agreement (PSA.)
    • Insurance documents. If insurance has been requested and not received yet, please note so on the routing form with contact email so Purchasing can follow up.
    • If this is a professional service delivered by an independent contractor, complete the Independent Contractor vs. Employee Guidelines GS-79
    • Contract/Agreement (if applicable). See “Contracts/Agreement Types” below. 
  1. Requestor sends the email to the Area Manager/Supervisor for approval 
  1. Area Manager/Supervisor APPROVES and FORWARDS the email to the VPA
    • Make sure to include “APPROVED” in the body of the email as evidence of approval. Also, make sure to FORWARD (not reply) to keep the email string to maintain sufficient audit evidence and to ensure the attachments remain. Wet OR digital signature are not required on PDF. Email approval is deemed sufficient at this time. 
  1. VPA APPROVES and FORWARDS the email to the Contract Administrator
    • The Chancellor authorized the VPAs to approve contracts via the authorized signer list. VPA approval is required before an authorized signer can sign a college contract. Any requests that are not routed via the VPA will be rejected. The College President is also authorized to approve. 
  1. Contract Administrator completes the process and routes the contracts for signature.

Other Notes

There are unique contracts/agreements that might not fit into the standard procedures. Please contact the VPA if you have such a situation. The VPA can work with the Contract Administrator to determine the best way to proceed.

This is only a summary of the processes. Please refer to the Purchasing Handbook for additional information.

Processing Timeline

If there are no modifications to the District standard agreement, agreements can typically be processed 5-10 business days from the date it is submitted to the District.  If it is a modified PSA, 3rd party contract, or any other type of non-standard agreement, the timing can vary because those require legal review, research and negotiations.