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ARC Inside Home Collegewide Center for Teaching and Learning PD Guidelines Goals and Competencies

PD Guidelines, Goals, and Competencies

State PD Guidelines, and ARC’s Strategic Goals and Competencies necessary for Flex/PD credit: (at least one item from each of these three lists will be needed for each custom activity submission seeking approval for flex credit)

State PD Guidelines

  • Guideline A: Course instruction and evaluation.
  • Guideline B: Staff development, in-service training, and instructional improvement.
  • Guideline C: Program and course curriculum or learning resource development and evaluation.
  • Guideline D: Student personnel services.
  • Guideline E: Learning resource services.
  • Guideline F: Related activities, such as student advising, guidance, orientation, matriculation services, and student, faculty, and staff diversity.
  • Guideline G: Departmental or division meetings (during Flex Days only), conferences, and workshops, and institutional research.
  • Guideline H: Other duties as assigned by the district.

ARC’s Strategic Goals, 2023 - 2030

  1. Students First - The College engages and connects students early and often to people, programs, and services as an integrated educational experience. By providing personalized, proactive support, the College fosters relationships that ensure all students, particularly the historically underserved and marginalized, persist, learn, and succeed.
  2. Clear and Effective Paths - The College provides easily recognizable pathways to, through, and beyond ARC. Offering well defined and supported pathways provides a foundation for success as students enter the College, make timely progress toward achieving their informed educational goals, and seamlessly transfer to other colleges and universities or find employment in their chosen career.
  3. Exemplary Teaching, Learning & Working Environment - The College ensures an equitable, safe, and inclusive teaching, learning, and working environment. Culturally relevant curriculum, innovative, high- quality instructional methods and technologies, exemplary academic and student support services, and comprehensive and integrated professional development create the best conditions for teaching and learning. The College promotes liberation and honors the dignity, humanity, and contributions of all members of our community.
  4. Vibrancy and Resiliency - The College promotes a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and transparent communication. Proactive, effective, and efficient operational systems and governance and data informed approaches to planning, decision-making, and resource allocation provide a high level of service to our students, community, and to one another.

ARC’s Professional Development Competencies

Equity-minded Service. ARC employee educators will connect authentically and effectively with our diverse community including students, the public, and each other. Their collective approach to providing service will be welcoming, centered in the human experience, and responsive to individual needs.

Effective Communication. ARC employee educators will continually cultivate their communication skills as well as increase their understanding of how culture and context influences communication.

Technology Proficiency. ARC employee educators will acquire a growing level of proficiency with a variety of modern technologies, digital tools, and equipment. They will appropriately utilize technology to foster institutional effectiveness and explore emerging technologies including those used by students.

Organizational Adeptness. ARC employee educators will develop greater capacity to navigate organizational structures; improve processes; and work efficiently in order to meet timelines and juggle competing responsibilities. They will understand and appropriately interpret policies and procedures in order to apply them thoughtfully in specific situations while being mindful of equity and transparency.

Leadership Development. ARC employee educators will build leadership skills in order to strengthen their capacity to serve from their current positions. Additionally, those expressing interest in preparing for future leadership roles will progressively nurture a depth of leadership knowledge, theory, and practice. Through this preparation, they will expand their capacity to serve and enact social justice.

Collaborative Innovation. ARC employee educators will co-create solutions and collaboratively innovate to transform the future of all students and our community through inclusive, equitable education. They will strategically take risks, challenge assumptions, and explore new ideas in pursuit of this vision.

Data Literacy. ARC employee educators will use data and analytics to better understand the student experience, increase effectiveness, enhance teaching, refine services, and improve outcomes. They will use data responsibly and strive for transparency.

Specialized Expertise. ARC employee educators will continuously build the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to remain current in their chosen field. They will cultivate a growing level of expertise with the concepts, theories, techniques, practices, equipment, and regulations that are relevant to their discipline, function, or service area.