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Final Grade Submissions

How do I submit my final grades?

All grades must be entered using the online grading system (OGS) found in the Los Rios Intranet area under "Online Grade Reporting and Class Rosters". 

If you have not set up your online account to generate rosters and post grades, you must do so immediately.

To assist you, there are systematic instructions for how to do so on the insider website.

Is it permissible to post final grades by student name, and/or ID#?

No, faculty are not permitted to use student names or ID’s to post grades because identifying the individual with their grade is inappropriate and a Federal Privacy Act violation (FERPA).

When are final grades due?

Final grades must be submitted online before, or by close of business, on the final date indicated on the academic calendar for each term. Please go to for additional specifics regarding final grade submission dates as well as other important deadlines.

NOTE: The grade submission deadline is critical after each academic term because students cannot get a transcript for transfer or employment purposes when grades are not submitted on time. Further, grades submitted after the deadline count as class non-completers for MIS data purposes and negatively affect college completion data.

How do I report positive attendance hours?

For courses set up to collect them, positive attendance hours should be entered online using the same steps for posting final grades. If your class was set up to collect positive attendance hours, you will also be required to populate the field next to the letter grade you enter before you can submit your grades (contact your Dean if you have questions). In addition, we do collect apportionment for the hours of attendance for students who later dropped so you must also enter hours for all dropped students enrolled students on your roster.

What are the conditions required for assigning “I” “IP” or “P/NP” grades?

An “I” (Incomplete) may be assigned if the student requests it, and if, in the professor’s judgment, there are unforeseeable, urgent, and justifiable reasons for the student’s inability to complete the course work AND you believe the student can reasonably complete the missing work within one year’s time.

  • Please enter information into OGS to address an “I” grade.
  • An “IP” (In Progress) notation is given only for open-entry variable unit courses.

If you are not sure if your course is open-entry variable units, please contact your Dean. A “P/NP” grade will be assigned for those students who have petitioned for such grades at the beginning of the semester.

The professor still assigns the appropriate letter grade; the computer will convert this grade to “P” or “PN” (LRCCD R-7252, Grading practices and standards).

What should I do if there is an enrollment error on my final grade roster?

  • Check your roster immediately to confirm it is accurate.
  • If a student’s name does not appear on your online roster, the student must contact the Admissions Office for directions regarding how to be reinstated.
  • If a student who has been dropped continues to appear as enrolled on your roster, notify the Admissions Office before the end of the term.
  • The online system will require you to post a grade for every enrolled student.
  • Contact Admissions Office staff at (916) 484-8261 if you have questions.