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ARC Inside Home Faculty and Staff Faculty Availability-Preference Form

November 7, 2023

The Los Rios Community College District Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Los Rios College Federation of Teachers states the following:

4.10.3 A Faculty Availability/Preference Form will be available to adjunct faculty members so they may indicate their interest in an assignment for a subsequent semester. The form will be available in the Area Dean’s office, on the college website, and on the Los Rios Human Resources’ Forms webpage. The deadline for submission of the form will be provided by the Area Dean and on each college’s website. The form must be submitted to the appropriate Area Dean at each college where the adjunct faculty member wishes to receive an assignment. Those adjunct faculty members who submit the form to the appropriate Area Dean by the deadline will be notified no later than thirty (30) days prior to the start of the semester of requested assignment if they are not to be sent a Tentative Class Schedule. Such notification will be either (1) by District mail, (2) by U.S. Mail using the address provided on the Instructor Availability / Preference Form, or (3) by email using the faculty member’s Los Rios email address. In order for the procedure described in Section 4.10.3 to be applicable, all of the following conditions must be met: a. A Faculty Availability / Preference Form must be submitted to the appropriate Area Dean at the college with the opening before the deadline provided by the Area Dean and posted on the college website. Forms will also be available on the Los Rios Human Resources’ Forms webpage. b. Service on an "emergency hire" basis will not be counted for preference. c. Unit members who retire or resign are considered new adjunct faculty for the purposes of assignment under this article. Preference for adjunct or overload assignment may be earned at more than one (1) college. Preference earned at different colleges cannot be combined. Preference will be used for purposes of staffing during the summer term; however, the summer term is not counted as a semester for purposes of obtaining a preference priority as described in 4.10.6. Load preference shall not exceed 40% for summer assignment for any individual, including all level two preference adjuncts.

Adjunct Faculty must complete and return the Faculty Availability/Preference Form P-203 to their respective Area Dean to indicate their interest in an assignment for a subsequent semester. In order to maintain preference for an overload assignment, the request must be submitted concurrently with the request for the regular assignment.

This form assists the Area Dean and Department Chair in ascertaining faculty availability should a future assignment become available. The area offices and centers distribute availability forms to all active faculty each year and are due back to the Area Dean the fourth Friday in October. If faculty receive forms at the Center where they are teaching, they should send their completed form to the appropriate Area Dean at the college.

Download the Faculty Availability/Preference Form P-203.

The American River College completion and submission process for the Faculty Availability/Preference Form P-203 is as follows:

  1. American River College Adjunct Faculty should provide their Area Dean with three forms for each of the next summer, next fall, and subsequent spring semesters, e.g. SU23, F23, and SP24. American River College Full-time faculty with an interest in teaching overload should send their overload request to their chair or their Area Dean at the same time that they submit their request for their regular assignment, and in the manner agreed upon by faculty within their department or division.
  2. The American River College due date for the completion and return of these forms to the Area Dean is the fourth Friday in October. This date is not printed on the form so it is important to follow this campus due date.
  3. Before the above due date faculty will use the link provided above and go online and complete the requisite forms and return them to the area office by the due date. (Paper copies of this form may still be provided to their faculty to be completed. The online form can be printed out or emailed to the area office after completion.)
  4. The Area Dean will keep the forms on file as record of availability/preference.

Thank you and if you have any questions, please contact the Instruction Office at (916) 484-8478.

Last updated 11/07/23