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ARC Inside Home Faculty and Staff Faculty Resource Guide

This Faculty Resource Guide is designed to provide a variety of helpful resources and information for all American River College faculty. This guide is produced in partnership with the ARC Academic Senate and will be regularly updated as new resources are identified.

Please check the links on the left for resources.

American River College has 4 Council/Team(s). These Council/Team(s) are an important part of participatory governance at our college, since the members make recommendations to the president on a variety of matters, such as curriculum, information technology, and faculty professional development leaves. 

As a faculty member, you are expected to the serve the college by participating on Council/Team(s) in your Area, at your college, and perhaps even in the district. (You also can serve the college by representing your Area in the Academic Senate.)
If you wish to serve on particular Council/Team(s), find out when the term of your Area representative ends and ask your department chair how representatives are chosen from your Area.

Although the Academic Senate President is responsible for appointing faculty members, he or she normally appoints members recommended by the Areas.