ARC Classified Senate

Recognizing and Developing American River College Classified leadership. Actively promoting and advocating for American River College Participatory Governance.

The Classified Senate is the representative voice and advisory body elected from the classified staff at ARC. It provides classified employees and the college community with a formal organization to maintain communication and representation in the on-going development and implementation of state, district, college, and community programs, goals, and planning. This body shall represent itself to the college community and administration in matters of participatory governance, staff development, and staff recognition. Recommendations of the classified staff shall steer this representation and exchange with other groups.

About Classified Senate

Six goals of the Classified Senate

1. To be a voice for the classified staff on non-union issues
2. To be an avenue for participation by classified staff in shared governance
3. To foster communication, understanding, and mutual support among classified staff
4. To provide a means of communication between classified staff and the college community
5. To inform classified staff of Senate actions and current issues of interest to the college community.
6.To promote the professionalism and value of the classified staff.

Meeting Dates and Minutes

Classified Senate Meeting Dates 2019-20 Term

All meetings held in the ARC Student Center Board Room

Meeting Times: 11:30am-1:00pm

Wed 7/17/19
Wed 8/14/19
Wed 10/9/19
Wed 11/13/19
Wed 12/11/19
Wed 1/8/20
Wed 2/12/20
Wed 3/11/20
Wed 4/8/20
Wed 5/13/20
Wed 6/10/20

Approved ARC Classified Senate Minutes

Senate Work and Campus Involvement

Classified Hiring Prioritization Process (CHPP)

The Senate is committed to review the EMP, CHPP, and hiring manual to assist the VPA and College President with new classified hiring. The work of this team happens during the Fall semester, with the application review happening in November. All permanent classified employees are able to join this Project Team, even if not part of the Senate.

Constitution and Bylaws

This team will review and update the Constitution/Bylaws annually. The goal is to uphold the Senate Constitution and Bylaws, ensure the Senate is operating within its code, and encourage ongoing development of the Constitution and Bylaws. This may be done by the Executive Board.

Classified Senate Constitution

Classified Senate Bylaws


The Elections Team of the Senate conducts the Senate's Officer and Senator annual elections in February through April, according to the process outlined in the Bylaws.


The Senate is committed to providing information to new hired classified staff in semester-based college Classified Orientations, the distribution of welcome packets and a tour of the campus through a mentorship program with information of new hires coming from the VPA's office. In addition, the goal of this committee is to foster strong communication for classified staff related to the works of the Senate and via verbal, written, web page, and published materials.


The Senate is committed to awarding annually a Classified Staff Member of the Year and other recognition deemed appropriate by the committee throughout the year. The goal is to create opportunities for academic growth and acknowledge the professionalism and value of members of the campus community.

Socials - Events

The Senate is committed to providing a healthy social atmosphere where the Classified Senate is visible, networking opportunities are present, and professional and/or personal development opportunities exist. Annual Social Events:

Ice Cream Social - July

Winter Luncheon - last Friday of the fall semester

Classified Appreciation Luncheon - last Friday of the spring semester - organized by Management.

Professional Development - The Classified Senate The Senate is committed to facilitating a minimum of one Professional Development event per year.


The Senate is committed to facilitating fundraising events per year with the goal of maintaining a positive operational account while generating enough profit to sponsor the Senate's activities.

ARC Classified Senate

The ARC Classified Senate was established in 1998 by a vote of the classified staff. The Classified Senate membership is comprised of permanent classified employees at American River College. The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Officer, and Past President. There are representatives covering all areas of the campus.

California Community Colleges Classified Senate (4CS)

4CS is a non-profit organization, formed by the California Community College's classified staff to serve as the statewide classified senate. 4CS supports the leadership roles of classified staff in the governance of the California Community College System through the development and support of local senates, advocating increased involvement at the state level, and promoting leadership skills among classified staff.