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Classified Senate

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Recognizing and Developing American River College Classified leadership. Actively promoting and advocating for American River College Participatory Governance.

The Classified Senate is the representative voice and advisory body elected from the classified staff at ARC. It provides classified employees and the college community with a formal organization to maintain communication and representation in the on-going development and implementation of state, district, college, and community programs, goals, and planning. This body shall represent itself to the college community and administration in matters of participatory governance, staff development, and staff recognition. Recommendations of the classified staff shall steer this representation and exchange with other groups.

About Classified Senate

Senate Work and Campus Involvement

ARC Classified Senate

The ARC Classified Senate was established in 1998 by a vote of the classified staff. The Classified Senate membership is comprised of permanent classified employees at American River College. The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Officer, and Past President. There are representatives covering all areas of the campus.

Classified Senate Senators

Beth Madigan, Senator (Administration & President)
Vlad Tsoy, Senator (Instruction)
Cesar Reyes, Senator (Instruction)
Nicole Moise, Senator (Instruction)
Viorica Petcan, Senator (Instruction)
Matt Cone, Senator (Operations)
Liz Johnson, Senator (Operations/Blue Collar)
Liz Geisser, Senator (Outreach)
Mario Rodriguez, Senator (Student Services)
Bee Curiel, Senator (Student Services)
Caitlyn Spencer (Student Services)
Beth Talbott, Senator (Student Services)
Corey Winfield, Senator (At Large)

Campus Governance

ARC Classified Professionals are active participants in Campus Governance.
Are you interested in joining a council, project team, or committee? contact Olga Prizhbilov
Classified professionals who currently serve on various campus and district governing bodies:

Campus Governance

California Community Colleges Classified Senate (4CS)

4CS is a non-profit organization, formed by the California Community College's classified staff to serve as the statewide classified senate. 4CS supports the leadership roles of classified staff in the governance of the California Community College System through the development and support of local senates, advocating increased involvement at the state level, and promoting leadership skills among classified staff.