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Application Procedure and Guidelines

Submit Your Application Packet at Least 30 Days Prior to Your Event. This will allow your paperwork time to process. Classified Professional Development Committee fund approval does not guarantee that the business office will approve your travel authorization.

  1. Applicant must be a permanent classified employee at American River College that has successfully passed the one year probationary period.
  2. The activity/event should relate to the employee’s job and/or professional growth.
  3. Funding cannot be used for tuition or credit based classes.
  4. All applicants have a funding cap of $1,000 per fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th) provided that funding is available and the request is approved by the Classified Professional Development Committee.
  5. The Classified Professional Development Committee has the option to fully or partially fund any request.
  6. Funding may be approved retroactively. Retroactive funding requests must be submitted within the same fiscal year in which the expense occurred (July 1st – June 30th). There is no guarantee that the application will receive funding. Note: If the retroactive request includes out-of-state travel, the retroactive request must include letters of approval from the applicant's supervisor and the college president, dated at least 30 days prior to the travel.
  7. Travel authorizations must conform to district travel guidelines. Contact the Business Services Office for questions regarding travel.
  8. Applicant is Fully Responsible for Submitting Travel Authorization (Online) to the Business Office. The Classified PD Committee members are not responsible for the submission or processing of your travel authorization.
  9. Applicant submits a Classified Professional Development Funding Application electronically, attaching all corresponding documentation. Part 1 of the electronic travel authorization form should be completed including cost estimates, department budget if applicable, and supervisor’s signature. Note: If the request includes out-of-state travel, the application must include letters of approval from the applicant's supervisor and the college president, dated at least 30 days prior to the travel.
  10. Immediately following the conference or event, the approved applicant completes part III of the travel authorization (with actual costs) and obtains supervisor’s signature. Attach all required receipts to the travel authorization (registration, lodging, transportation, and other approved expenses) and submits the documentation to the Business Services Office for processing.
  11. The applicant must complete a post activity evaluation report within 30 days of attending the event. If a report is not completed and submitted within 30 days, future professional development funding may be denied.

Priority will be given to:

  1. Applicants that have never received funding.
  2. Former applicants who have completed a post-activity evaluation report.