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ARC Patrons Club

ARC Patrons Club began in 1958 with six women who were invited to meet with Dr. Bill J. Priest and his assistant, Doris E. Raef, to discuss forming a community women's organization to work with the college. The American River Junior College Patrons Club was formed, limiting membership to 60 women leaders in the community. The objectives and goals were built on a strong foundation, and remain the same today. The ARC Patrons Club continues to work for the college interest and the community.


  1. To serve as a liaison group between ARC and the community.
  2. To add to the enlightenment of its members.
  3. To contribute to the cultural enrichment of the community.
  4. To provide counsel and support to the President of American River College.

Some Outstanding Projects

  1. Annual Patrons Chair and Honorarium for outstanding faculty member
  2. Patrons Meritorious Service Awards for Classified and Management staff.
  3. Assistance with Student Association projects and student clubs.
  4. Gifts and donations to the Boettcher Library.
  5. Contribution and volunteer assistance to ARC Child Development Center.
  6. Donations and gifts to the Arts Area.
  7. Music Department computer-assisted instruction.
  8. Sponsor of Teachers of Tomorrow.
  9. Counseling Center computer-assisted articulation system.
  10. Donations to Emergency Loan Funds.
  11. Campus beautification programs--landscaping.
  12. Volunteer assistance to Counseling, Community Service.
  13. Scholarship assistance.

Honors for Faculty and Classified

The Patrons Chair Award is considered the most prestigious college award for faculty members. Since 1962, the American River College Patrons Club has presented this honor to chosen faculty members based on nominations from members of the college community, including faculty, classified staff, managers & students--as well as from the greater community of Sacramento and beyond. Criteria for nomination include relationship with students, relationship with faculty and staff, and campus/community involvement.

The Patrons Club is a group of community members who support the college, including sponsorship of the Patrons Chair and the Patrons Meritorious Service Award for Classified Staff.

Patrons Chair & Honorarium for Faculty

2019 Linda Zarzana Chemistry
2017 Jan DeLapp & Craig Weckman Early Childhood Education & Diesel Technology
2016 Gloria Nobles Business
2015 Kristina Casper-Denman Anthropology
2014 Tony Barcellos Mathematics
2013 Ken Kubo Biology
2012 Cheryle Christiansen Nursing
2010 Charles Hunt Physics
2009 Susan Peterson Nursing
2008 Manuel Ruedas Counseling
2007 Patrice Gibson Anthropology
2006 Pam Maddock Art
2005 Chris Rubio English
2004 Phil Smith Mathematics
2003 Joan Brenchley-Jackson Biology
2002 Barbara Gillogly Gerontology
2001 Nancy Reitz Chemistry
2000 Harold Schneider English
1999 Debby Senna Behavioral/Social Science
1998 Bonnie Miller Counseling
1997 Linda Dixon Biology
1996 Dolores Delgado Campbell Behavioral/Social Science
1995 Jean Snuggs Physical Education
1994 Sandy McKaig Math
1993 Soheir Stolba Behavioral/Soc. Science
1991 Danny White Science
1990 Scott Perry Physics
1989 Perla Warren Music
1988 Ralph Todd Business
1987 Esther Nelson Counseling
1986 Richard Rasor Psychology
1985 Robert Christopherson Geography
1984 Richard Lungstrom Chemistry
1983 Robert Striplin History/Political Science
1982 Louis Quint Counseling
1981 Jan Aldrich Psychology
1980 Bud Gardner English
1979 Mary Lou Neasham Counseling
1978 Katherine (Kay) Stewart Counseling
1977 Ernest Droege Electronics
1976 John Lucena Physical Education
1975 Jack Badaracco Psychology/Sociology
1974 Marjorie McLain English
1973 Charles Borowiak Psychology
1972 Bruce Swinehart Biology
1971 Al Baeta Physical Education
1970 Parks Whitmer Psychology
1969 Donald Weiskopf Recreation
1968 Dorothy Edwards Business
1967 James Wotherspoon History
1966 Guilbert DuMont Philosophy
1965 Robert Frank Philosophy
1964 Douglas Burris Business
1962 Louis Heinrich Biology

Patrons Meritorious Service Award for Classified Staff

2016 Cheryl Watt Health & Education
2014 Keri Jumelet Physical Education/Kinesiology
2013 Ana Lukawski Student Support Services
2012 Kurt Mattson Athletics
2011 Trudy O'Brien Hospitality Management
2010 Cathie Browning Research
2009 James Brooks Maintenance
2008 Jan Twadell-Hoelscher Biology
2007 Dianna Sellers Humanities
2006 Flo Johnson Instruction
2005 Regena Tiner-Miller PACE
2005 Dianne Ramos Community Relations
2004 No award ---
2003 Debby Ondricka Center for Teaching and Learning
2002 Diane Cromwell Child Development Center
2001 Margaret Cowan Instruction
2000 Connie Ferrara Center for Teaching and Learning
1999 Charlene Parsons Learning Resource Center
1998 Sandra Cleary English
1997 Marnell Nicknig Printing Services
1996 Sharon Kelley Computer Information Science
1995 Gin Fierro Health Center
1993 Beverly Habecker Computer Information Science
1992 Stephen Peithman Community Relations
1991 Sharon Helms Business Services
1990 Carolyn Johnson Admissions
1989 Lynn Couch Computer Information Science
1988 Epifania Fajardo Chemistry
1987 Trudy Carney Centrex
1986 Claire Haley Science
1985 Margaret Heintz Science
1984 Bernice Baber Administration
1983 Mary Lease P.E. & Instruction
1982 Gerry Abeel Administration
1981 Peggy Feiten Technical/Vocational
1980 Helen Demaree Instruction
1979 Darlene McCormick Public Information