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Reopening American River College: Planning for a Safe Return to Our Campuses

June 29, 2021

Student with a Skate board Planning a Safe Return to Campus


Since March 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic and public health conditions in our region have led to an unprecedented and rapid transition of all classes and college operations to online. Our students, faculty, and staff have been extraordinarily flexible and creative in managing the countless variables associated with this transition, and have mitigated the effects of these circumstances incredibly, given the circumstances.

While there are still many questions about how long we will be operating predominantly online, we must plan for our eventual return to campus now. That planning is collaborative and takes many variables into account, including regional public health conditions, access to vaccinations, the needs of our students, instructional planning timelines, the physical readiness of our facilities, and many more. We plan to be prepared to return to campus for fall 2021, with the recognition that we don't yet know if that will be possible. This page is designed to transparently share and catalog those discussions, and to provide opportunities for all stakeholders to provide comments and feedback.

Read the Reopening Planning Team Charter.