The ARC Early Alert program will allow instructors to access their class rosters on a web-based program that is connected with PeopleSoft. They will be able to send a personalized email message to any students who are underperforming in their classes and to delineate the behaviors that signal that there might be a problem. Through the use of this program, students will be directed to meet with an ARC counselor and they can also be advised to meet with the instructor. Statistics will be compiled on the students who meet with a counselor (e.g. grades received, services used, etc.).

Program dates:

Instructors will be able to access the program, SARSALRT, beginning the 1st day of each semester.

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Here's how it works

STEP 1: Identify Students in Need

Possible reasons to refer a student include:

  • Academic difficulties 
  • Low class participation or motivation
  • Academic difficulties due to personal issues outside the classroom (work, family, finances, illness, etc...)

STEP 2: Express Your Concern to the Student

The Early Alert Program starts with the assumption that instructors are engaged with their students and conscientiously address their academic needs.  Personal contact with the instructor can provide the most impact toward intervention.

However, when students need more than instructors can provide, a referral should be made as soon as the problem is identified.

STEP 3: Fill Out the Online Student Early Alert Information Form

1st:  Access the Early Alert Form

2nd:  Fill out the Student Information Section providing information about the student, the course and the referring faculty or staff member.

3rd:  Compose the Early Alert by clicking the check boxes which best describes your concerns under "Reason for Referral."  You may add additional comments at the bottom.

4th:  Finalize your referral by clicking the "Submit" button found at the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: The early alert interventions fall under the "need to know" clause of FERPA, permitting the release of academic information by faculty/instructors to academic administrators, advisors, and student services.  A signed statement by the student permitting release of information is NOT required.