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Results of ARC’s institution-wide Campus Climate Survey.

The following links reflect the currently available survey response reports for both the student and employee survey. In addition to the following, please note that two preliminary reports have been published which, in addition to displaying results for a handful of questions, provides important details about the survey. This information includes the intent behind the survey, who was surveyed, how many responded, etc. Preliminary Report #1 and, to a lesser extent Preliminary Report #2, provides important context for the survey results found on this page. Please contact ARC’s Institutional Research office with questions. Also, please initiate a research request if there is a specific disaggregation of survey results you would like to see added to this page. Note that the number of respondents in some of the employment categories is quite small. This means that the survey results for these groups are likely to have little statistical reliability and therefore little comparability to other groups.

Overall and Disaggregated Response Reports