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Guided Pathways Software Tools

The Los Rios Community College District utilizes shared software tools to assist with Guided Pathways and other efforts.

Ad Astra (Analytics & Scheduler)

Ad Astra is a proprietary software that integrates with PeopleSoft. Two specific modules are utilized:

  • Platinum Analytics - Creates analytical reports, based on data from PeopleSoft and HighPoint Degree Planner, to help the college make informed and strategic decisions regarding what classes to offer while taking into account student demand to optimize schedule development.
  • Astra Schedule - A room scheduler function for instructional use and campus events to best utilize our physical space resources. 

Canvas (Online Education)

Los Rios currently utilizes Canvas, a proprietary cloud-based learning management system (LMS), for online education. Canvas is available to support fully online classes, partially online or hybrid classes), and web-enhanced classes. See Online Education Training for more information.


Degree Planner

HighPoint Degree Planner is a proprietary software tool that works with PeopleSoft and eServices to allow students and their counselors to intuitively plan out the series of courses by semester that a student will need to reach their educational goal and/or complete their degree/certificate program. The Degree Planner will utilize information from the program maps as well as the instructional 2 Year Plans, resulting in data that may then be used to determine demand for courses and programs to assist the college in optimizing schedule development.

Maxient (Case Management)

Maxient is a proprietary software tool that will be used for district-wide secure case management of issues related to student conduct and Title IX. 

Implementation is slated for Fall 2019.

SOCRATES (Curriculum)

Los Rios uses SOCRATES (System for Online Curriculum Review and Technical Education Support), a home-grown curriculum management software program, for the online development and maintenance of courses and programs. SOCRATES information is exported for use on the college websites (under Programs and Majors) as well as in the printed college catalog (see Catalog Archive).


Starfish (Case Management & Early Alert)

Starfish is proprietary software that integrates with PeopleSoft and Canvas. Two modules will be utilized:

  • Connections - Starfish will serve as a case management tool to connect students with a specific counselor and keep track of these touchpoints. This tool will also request grade checks for students, as needed.
  • Early Alert - Faculty members will be able to request early intervention for students in need that will connect the identified student with applicable on-campus services and resources. Early Alert will also allow faculty members to proactively give students positive affirmations and kudos to bolster their success.

Starfish FAQ

TBD (Career/Interest Assessment)

Los Rios’ career/interest assessment tool to be used as part of the onboarding process has yet to be determined. Two options are:

  • CCC MyPath - This would expand upon the current online application via CCC Apply to pull out additional demographic information from applicants so that students can receive personalized, structured messages referring them to the appropriate campus services/resources early on in the onboarding process.
  • Career Coach - This is an online exploration tool that allows students to research various jobs and employment fields, including current hourly wage, general job duties, and an employment analysis of annual job openings.

In addition, the Los Rios Work Experience & Internship Program is now using JumpStart (a Purple Briefcase proprietary software tool) as an online career search platform to connect Los Rios students with job opportunities and internships. (Note: This has replaced LINCS.)

FLC's Career & Transfer Center is also using Roadtrip Nation, which is an online video repository for guidance in choosing a career that compliments their major and/or interests, as an additional tool for students.