Center for Teaching & Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) works to meet the professional development needs of the ARC community.

The CTL supports professional development that helps the college fulfill its mission, values, and commitment to social justice and equity and to achieve its strategic goals. ARC community members develop and facilitate professional development opportunities. In addition, CTL partners with members of the greater community to offer professional learning experiences at ARC.

Academies and Institutes

Equity Action Institute

The ARC Equity Action Institute is a two-semester cohort experience designed for full-time faculty members who want to improve disproportionately impacted student population success rates at American River College.  We have expanded the Equity Action Institute cohort and level 2 preferenced adjunct faculty are invited to apply for positions.   The Program will run its fourth and final cohort spring 2020.

In this institute we establish a foundation to understand equity and its intersections by focused development of individual equity, institutional equity, and educational equity.  In collaboration with other faculty, we support each other as we engage in reading, reflection, dialogue, group work, and other transformative processes that deepens practitioner development around our racial and other identities and expands our ability to use our teaching and learning tool kits to address the needs of our underserved students.   We also grow the skills necessary to be Equity Coaches and provide resources to interested ARC faculty members.  

Equity requires a level of self-examination and open discussion of topics that may be uncomfortable or difficult for people.  This Institute is a community of practitioners.  We encourage participants to support each other, practice self-care in and out of our meetings, and to communicate with the facilitator and co-facilitators.  The facilitators will be Pam Chao, co-facilitators to be named later, and guests.

Fall Flex Information Session for Spring 2020 Equity Action Institute:
     Thursday, August 22      3:00pm - 4:20pm      Davies Hall 203

For more information, please use the links below to download forms:

ARC Equity Action Institute Information Sheet ARC Equity Action Institute Application

The application period is currently closed; check back here in fall 2019 for the next round of application information.

Diversity in the Classroom: A Reaching and Learning Institute Special Focus on Social Justice and Equity

American River College's Diversity in the Classroom: A Reaching and Learning Institute is a series created to address the professional development needs of ARC and LRCCD faculty. Because our commitment to social justice and equity has been affirmed in our mission and vision statement, this Institute is re-focused to offer an opportunity to deepen all faculty's understanding and practices of equitable education. 

The Institute will include the equivalent of eight, 3.5-hour sessions plus approximately two hours of homework for each session. There will be an online component using Canvas. We will be using films, texts, panels, exercises, discussion and other techniques to deepen our understanding of Equity Minded education.    

Institute Topics include:

-Theoretical Foundations for Equitable and Social Justice Education           
-Pedagogical and Andragogical Foundations for Social Justice Education           
-Core Concepts for Equity and Social Justice           
-Critical Self-Knowledge for Best Practitioners           
-Equity and Racial Consciousness           
-Racism and Privilege           
-Other topics chosen by participants   

Enrollment will be limited, and closed when full.  All ARC full-time and adjunct faculty are given priority enrollment.  We also welcome all district full-time and adjunct faculty.

Participants can apply for one unit of district salary advancement-this must be completed BEFORE the Reaching and Learning Institute meets for the first time and it will be completed with the District Office.   We will meet for eight Friday mornings, 9:00 am-12:30 pm during fall semester 2019 (room TBA).  Dates are September 6,  September 13, September 27, October 18, October 25, November 8, November 15, and November 22.

Salary Advancement Form  

Or participants may earn flex credit for this activity.  Please follow the procedures of your College.  

This Institute meets State PD Guidelines A, B, C, E and F;  ARC ISLO 1 and 2; and ARC Strategic Goals 1 and 3.

Apply now!

New Faculty Academy

(updated information will be available later in the spring 2019 semester) In the meantime, here's how the NFA has been described for the past few years:

"The New Faculty Academy is an innovative program hosted by ARC's Center for Teaching and Learning and it is just one of the many ways that you will discover American River College and the Los Rios Community College District invests in the success of faculty at all stages of their careers.

This inclusive first year experience will introduce you to critical information, resources, and support for your teaching, professional development, campus service, research, outreach efforts and overall student success. Throughout this series of workshops and activities you will be given the opportunity to network and develop long-lasting relationships with colleagues outside of your discipline, ask questions in a "Just-in-Time Teaching" format and incubate ideas that will empower, support and further develop the high expectation of excellence that is a core strength of the teaching faculty at American River College. Much as with our students, our hope is that you will be comfortable, yet challenged.

NFA meets each Friday morning in the Center for Teaching & Learning (Library, third floor, room L307), with occasional moves to a classroom after the warm-up activities.

This program requires 2-3 hours of outside reading/preparation weekly.  Support groups are created that may meet during the week as needed. Optional classroom and program observations, not to exceed a total of 10 hours for the semester, are also encouraged."

ARC Online Teaching Institute

The ARC Online Teaching Institute (OTI) helps to prepare instructors for teaching online through exploration and hands-on demonstrations of effective practices in online instruction; it is offered in both online and hybrid modalities. Through nine sessions, participants explore the characteristics of successful online instructors, the concept of digital competencies and how that may affect how our students learn, principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and accessibility, ways to identify and create exemplary online courses, and much more.

Upon completion of this institute, participants will have created instructional modules that are the basis for the development of an online course, met the criteria for exemplary course design as outlined in the Online Education Initiative Online Course Design Rubric, and demonstrated proficiency in online teaching and learning as outlined in the @ONE Standards for Quality Online Teaching.

The ARC OTI webpage includes the current and future schedules, information from OTI graduates, and links for registration.

For questions and more information, please contact Alice Dieli  (916) 484-8996, or Pamela Bimbi (916) 484-8103. 

ARC Accessible Course Creation Academy

The ARC Accessible Course Creation Academy (ACCA) guides participants on creating accessible ADA/Section 508 compliant course content in their own courses. This completely online course contains six learning modules and provides a thorough explanation of accessibility within online, hybrid or web-enhanced courses using Canvas. All faculty and instructional staff are welcome to participate. The ARC Accessible Course Creation Academy web page contains more details and requirements for this course and includes a current schedule for each semester.

FastTrack Rubric Academy

Join your colleagues in the ARC FastTrack OEI Rubric Academy and finish your course on your own schedule with support from the ITC.
We will work closely with you to help you align your course to the Online Education Initiative (OEI) Course Design Rubric. The Academy has no time limit. There are no workshops to attend, but participating in discussions is encouraged.
You will:
Work with your very own Faculty Mentor - face-to-face or online with ConferZoom
Enroll in the ARC FastTrack OEI Rubric Academy Canvas course for resources and class discussions.
MasterShell with Blackboard Ally will be created for you with your selected course loaded to use for course modification.
Self-assessment of your online course by reviewing the academy videos and examples, and completing the Rubric (Google document) within the course.
Submit the aligned course for a local peer review.
Meet face-to-face or online with Instructional Technology Center (ITC) staff to develop a work plan that includes instructional design and accessible content support.
Final Review - Complete any changes needed before course is submitted for final review by the OEI.
Select a course that you have taught online and that is part of an ADT (Associates Degree for Transfer), General Education Transfer Pattern (CSU or IGETC), or CTE (Career Technical Education) program. Then confirm with your dean that your course will be offered online within the next two semesters.

Equitable Practitioner Development Program

The ARC Equitable Practitioner Development Program (EPDP) is a continuation of the Equity Action Institute. This EPDP is an intensive one-semester program focused on "equity-minded teacher communities." The goal of this program is to increase success rates of disproportionately-impacted populations by working within a teaching community to develop as equitable practitioners. The program is data-intensive (quantitative and qualitative) and will involve ongoing practitioner reflections and data collection. Faculty participating in the EPDP will collaborate with fellow faculty to review data, observe classrooms, and meet to discuss issues and actions in response to equity-minded instruction.

Interested individuals must have completed ARC's Equity Action Institute OR demonstrated equivalent training in equity. 


EXPECTATIONS AND RESOURCES All selected participants are expected to be present and participate fully. Example of EPDP activities include the following:
• Orientation meeting
• Mid-semester check-in meeting
• Final meeting
• Faculty observations
• Small group meetings on data reflection & analysis in groups
• Self-reflection on data
• Planning to address inequity issues in groups 

The application period is currently closed.  
The EPDP flier can be viewed here.

Online Professional Development

YouTube 'College Hour' playlist

More recent College Hour presentations have been recorded to YouTube and are collected together within the 'College Hour' playlist.  To receive flex credit for viewing a College Hour event on YouTube, faculty must enter the necessary information as a custom activity in the online Flex Tracking System (please explain what was learned from the video, and how this is beneficial to students).

American River College YouTube Playlist page

Los Rios HR Employees page

This link is configured to be accessible only from on-campus computers.

This link leads to the Los Rios HR Employees page.  Scroll down to the 'Training' category to see a variety of Keenan SafeColleges online trainings, and other trainings, available to you.  To receive flex credit for participating in this online activity, faculty may click on the Keenan activity listed in the online Flex Tracking System.  The activity is listed at the beginning of each semester and credit will be given regardless of when the faculty actually participated during that same semester.  Other online trainings may be added as custom events in the online flex system.

 Los Rios HR Employees page

Try this new online Professional Development opportunity at your own pace.

Research shows that 44% of students report experiencing periods of severe distress and that students who utilize support services when needed cope with stress better. A "gatekeeper" is someone who has significant contact with students, and therefore is ideally situated to notice warning signs of psychological distress. Through online practice conversations with student avatars, Kognito teaches ARC faculty, staff, and administrators techniques for identifying and approaching distressed students in order to take appropriate action, such as making a referral to campus and community resources. Try this new online Professional Development opportunity that you can complete at your own pace, from home, your desk, or sitting in your favorite coffee shop with your laptop. One hour flex credit for each module completed.  To receive flex credit for participating in this online activity, faculty may click on it in the online Flex Tracking System.  The activity is listed at the beginning of each semester and credit will be given regardless of when the faculty actually participated during that same semester. 

Kognito CCC Student Mental Health Program

Getting Results

This multimedia resource for community college faculty will challenge your previous thinking about teaching and learning and give you the basic tools for effective classroom practice. The key theme of the course is to encourage you to focus on what the students will do and take responsibility for their success.  Teachers know their content and they know how to explain. These are valuable skills. But teachers have to become experts at tapping into their students' knowledge base and how they learn.  To receive flex credit for participating in this online activity, faculty may click on it in the online Flex Tracking System.  The activity is listed at the beginning of each semester and credit will be given regardless of when the faculty actually participated during that same semester. 

Getting Results

Unscheduled or Off-Campus Activities

College Hour on DVD

Over the years, many Thursday College Hour events (and some Tuesday lunchtime events as well) have been recorded to DVD. These DVDs are available for students to view in the LRC. Additionally, both the CTL and the Natomas Center have received copies which all staff are welcome to check out and take home to view. To receive flex credit for viewing a DVD, faculty must enter the necessary information as a custom activity in the online Flex Tracking System (please explain what was learned from the DVD, and how this is beneficial to students). Important note: when entering as a custom activity, please apply the date viewed, not the date recorded.

Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, etc.

If activities are related to your assignment, occur when you are not scheduled to work, and meet at least one state pd guideline and also at least one ARC college objective and also at least one ARC ISLO, they may be claimed as professional development. These events may be at other Los Rios Colleges, or elsewhere. See 'Explanation of Flex Obligation' in the current Flex/PD online document for further information. To receive flex credit for participating in these activities, faculty would enter the necessary information as a custom activity in the online Flex Hours Tracking System.

Professional Development Resources

Professional Development Funding

The College offers funding for your professional development activities such as conferences and workshops. Please visit one of the following websites for more information on professional development funding.

Faculty Professional Development Committee

Classified Professional Development Committee

Manager Professional Development Opportunities

Professional Development Re-assigned Time

The College also offers the chance to apply for re-assigned time to complete professional development projects. 

Faculty: Professional Standards/Type A and B Leaves

Classified: Classified Professional Development Committee

Administration: Manager Professional Development Opportunities

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