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Black Parliament (Black Faculty and Staff Collective)


The Black Parliament (Black Faculty and Staff Collective) is a council of Black faculty, staff, students, and community members that have been selected to provide advisement on issues regarding Black and African American student success and student needs at American River College.

The committee will review the recommendations from the African American Disproportionate Impact report and other research as it pertains to our students. The committee will prioritize the recommendations and advise how they will be implemented on campus.

Committee Membership

Committee Role College/Community Role Name
Co-Chair Black Student Success Faculty Coordinator Tera Reynolds
Co-Chair Men of Color Initiative Faculty Liaison N/A
Member Adjunct Faculty LaQuisha Beckum
Member Adjunct Faculty Anthony Robinson
Member Faculty Marianne Harris
Member Faculty Judy Mays
Member Faculty Kim Herrell
Member Classified Faryal Said
Member Classified Nimo Ali
Member Classified Cory Winfield
Member Classified Terrell Grant
Member Classified Jeri Marshall
Member Classified Israeline Grayson



Tera Reynolds, Co-Chair

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