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Digital Signage Request

Before you make a request please read carefully:

Digital Signage differs from traditional fliers or information on the web. Digital signage presents an opportunity to strengthen a sense of campus community. We want to ensure that digital signs have the greatest impact and maximize engagement with their various audiences. Designing for signage can be similar in many ways to designing for other digital media-and in some cases even print, however there are a few major differences to consider. Digital Signage is a powerful medium with the ability to distribute multiple ideas and messages at once. By following some simple guidelines, your content can become a powerful source of information-sharing. Follow these guidelines to make the most of your screen designs.

Digital Sign Content Best Practices (Communications at a Glance)

Good slides follow the 3 x 5 Rule

Don't pack the message with too much text.

Keep the type size as large as possible, especially for headlines.

Utilize either three lines of text with five words, or five lines with three words.

Feed the monster

Keep your content fresh, or your viewers are likely to start ignoring your signs.  

Digital signage is not a place for writing paragraphs. It is more communications at a glance, so think of your viewers grabbing glances of content at a time.