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Student Equity & Achievement Program (570A)




The Student Equity and Achievement Program was established in Education Code (EC) 78222 with the intent of supporting Guided Pathways and the system wide goal to eliminate achievement gaps. As a condition of receiving funds, a district shall comply with the following: maintain an equity plan per EC 78220; provide matriculation services per EC 78212; adopt placement polices per EC 78213 (AB 705) and provide all students with an educational plan.


Funds are allocated to program and activities that support the intent of the Student Equity and Achievement Program. These activities include reassigned-time, salaries, program activities, travel and one-time requests. All SEAP plans move through the governance structure for review, approval and transparency.


See Student Equity & Achievement Program One-Time (570B)


Usage of SEAP funds should focus on the clear indicators of academic success:  academic counseling, tutoring, outreach to DI populations, encouraging Math and English through-put, increasing student success in classes (gap reduction), reducing time to completion of academic program, emergency support funding, cultural events that increase retention, and completing programs with a degree and/or certificate. 

See full program expenditure guidelines.

Non-Allowable Expenditures

  • Gifts -- Public funds may not be used for gifts or monetary awards of any kind. Expenditures for a public purpose are not considered a gift of public funds
  • Stipends for students -- funds cannot be used to pay stipends to students for participation in program or classroom
  • Political Contributions.
  • Courses -- funds may not be used to pay for the delivery of courses that generate
  • Supplanting – Any funds spent on these programs should supplement, not replace, general or state categorical (restricted) district funds expended on similar program activities prior to the availability of program funding. This restriction applies to categorical programs and any other federal, state, and county Supplanting rules do not apply to expenditures previously paid for by BSI, SE or SSSP.


A mid-year budget analysis and projection report of each program will be submitted to area manager in December. Manager will have to address any overages and unspent funds by January 31st. Any funds that will not be used will be reallocated to support other program needs.


The President Executive Team is the categorical budget approver for the Student Equity & Achievement Program Fund. All SEAP requests and purchases must be submitted to the respective CP/VP for approval.


Year-end balances for SEAP are carried over to next fiscal year to the institution. It does not roll over to the area.


July 1 thru June 30